25 Kickass Random Facts List #399

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  1. mijk says:

    25 is BS. There used to be ice slides in Russia in the 17-18th centuries that were similar to modern rollercoasters. Another “America invented the universe” “fact”.

    1. DB says:

      You’re proof that this wasn’t the first roller- (implying a ride with wheels) -coaster, is that Russians used to slide on ice?

      In that case, I guess the Wright brothers didn’t create the first successful airplane because the ancient Chinese had kites first!

    2. Reiles says:

      Russia had sledding hills in the 17th century. The first modern roller coasters were located in Parc Beaujon in Paris in 1817.

    3. Hewhomustnotbenamed says:

      @mijk- Soooo bobsledding?

    4. Fritoz says:

      um, you can say Russia invented ice slides then.

      But an American invented roller coasters.

      its not that hard to wrap your mind around.

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