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16. Despite 12 indictments and several convictions of high-level officials involved in the Iran-Contra scandal, all perpetrators were either pardoned or had sentences overturned resulting in no prison time. The only person to go to jail was a minister who stole a street sign in protest. – Source

17. A house cat bit its owner in the middle of the night to alert the family for the house fire. The family got out in time with no injuries and the fire department confirmed the cat was partially responsible for the rescue, “Hero kitty”. – Source

18. A monk had erased and written over a book by Archimedes describing the foundations for calculus, centuries before Leibniz and Newton. – Source

19. Medieval art depicted characters dying or being killed with unusually calm expressions because it was a common belief that such a response to death was Christlike, as Jesus did not panic on the cross. – Source

20. The average 18-year-old adult is only about halfway done with “mental puberty”. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts

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21. The oldest unopened Wine Bottle is +1650 years old. – Source

22. Henry Ford’s intense hatred of Jazz drove him to pump tons of money into promoting country music, which was then called “old-time music” and helped establish country music culture as we know it today. – Source

23. The 1679 Habeas Corpus Act was only passed in Parliament because its supporters jokingly counted a fat lord as ten votes and the opposition never noticed. – Source

24. Prince William breaks royal protocol by flying with his children on the same plane. As direct heirs to the throne, his children should fly on a separate plane in case it crashes. – Source

25. The drink Crystal Pepsi was killed in the U.S. due to a “kamikaze” marketing campaign by Coke. Coke created the drink Tab Clear, designed to be unpopular, and marketed it so that consumers would conflate the two drinks even though they were not similar. It worked and both were pulled in 1994. – Source


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