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25 Kickass Random Facts List #412

16-20 Kickass Random Facts

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16. John Howland was an indentured servant boy who went overboard on The Mayflower and was miraculously saved. His descendants include The Bush family, FDR, writers Emerson & Longfellow, Brigham Young & Joseph Smith, Chevy Chase and over 2 million other Americans. – Source

17. Yo-Yo the basset hound is kept by the master at Cambridge University Selwyn. Dogs are not allowed on the premises, so Yo-Yo has been officially classified as a “very large cat” so that the master can keep him on the campus. – Source

18. In 1968, Japan, a fake motorbike cop stopped a car carrying 300m Yen in cash (26m USD), told the driver to run because the car was rigged to blow and then simply drove the car away. The culprit and the cash have never been found. – Source

19. Before the Internet, Chess players used to play with each other all over the world by taking turns mailing a postcard to each other describing the move they had made. – Source

20. The Hunchback of Notre-Dame was written by Victor Hugo as part of a campaign to preserve Gothic Architecture around Paris. Prior to the novel, the cathedral was in bad shape and at risk of eventual demolition. As a result of tourism from the book, Paris started restoration work instead. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts

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21. Dwight’s brother Mose in The Office was the producer of The Office, as well as the creator of Parks and Rec, The Good Place and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. – Source

22. King Edward I of England built the largest trebuchet ever made called “the Warwolf”. The Scots inside the castle surrendered by the mere sight of it but Edward used it anyway because it was so awesome and wanted to see it in action. – Source

23. Crickets are 65%-70% protein whereas beef is 17%-40% protein. – Source

24. Usain Bolt suffered from scoliosis when he was younger and has an asymmetrical stride when he runs because his legs are slightly different lengths. Researchers aren’t sure if this lack of symmetry is a personal mechanical optimization by Bolt that makes him the fastest human or not. – Source

25. A 4-year-old boy fell and scraped his knee at the beach. A couple of weeks later a black bump started growing on his knee. When squeezed, a live snail emerged from the bump. The boy adopted the snail and named it “Turbo” after his favorite cartoon character. – Source


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