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16. In 1982, an American undergrad student argued that a constitutional amendment proposed in 1789 could still be approved by Congress. When he received a “C,” he started a letter writing campaign and got the amendment ratified. His grade was changed to an “A” in 2016. – Source

17. A company in Japan offers extra days off to workers who don’t smoke since they don’t take smoking breaks. – Source

18. Patton Oswalt once stood absolutely motionless during an entire 3-minute opening scene on the sitcom “King of Queens,” and no one noticed it until years later. – Source

19. Larry Flynt has sent a monthly copy of Hustler to every congressional office since 1983, and members of Congress can’t stop receiving the magazines because a court agreed that it was within Flynt’s right to petition the government under the First Amendment. – Source

20. Charles Darwin & his wife were first cousins. They had 10 kids, 7 making it to adulthood. Worried that his marriage had something to do with the deaths, he began to experiment with plants. He learned that with any kind of breeding, it’s better to cross-breed than to keep relatives together. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts

21. A “macaroni”, as mentioned in Yankee Doodle, refers to a 1700s trend wherein some men would dress up in ridiculously over the top clothing and speak in a gender-ambiguous manner. The name came from young men who had toured Italy referring to fashionable things as “very macaroni”. – Source

22. Brown University named their porta-potties the “E. Gordon Gee Lavatory Complex” after the former president Gordon Gee cut funding to the arts programs. – Source

23. Bathroom hand dryers suck fecal bacteria from the room and spray it directly on your hands. – Source

24. The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail vehemently supported Hitler and discouraged allowing Jews fleeing Europe into the UK. – Source

25. On April Fools Day 1997, Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak and Jeopardy host Alex Trebek swapped shows for the day. – Source


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