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16. Tina Turner was diagnosed with kidney failure after she opted to take homeopathic remedies instead of high blood pressure medication, something she now regrets. She was considering an assisted suicide until her current husband donated a kidney to her, saving her life. – Source

17. After arresting a man for blowing up an airplane federal agents learned that it was not in fact a federal crime to blow up an airplane. Colorado instead charged the man for the single murder of his mother, a passenger on the plane. – Source

18. The motto, “In God We Trust,” is not the original motto of the United States. During the Cold War, it was changed from “E Pluribus Unum” (“from many, one”) in an effort to differentiate the United States from atheistic communism. – Source

19. “Coco” was originally about a Mexican-American boy coping with the death of his mother, learning to let her go and move on with his life. As the movie developed, Pixar realized that this is the opposite of what Día de los Muertos is about. – Source

20. Grigori Perelman is the only person in history to have solved one of the seven Millennium Prize Problems. After solving the Poincaré conjecture Perelman was offered the Field’s Medal and $1 million prize money, he declined them both. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts

21. One of the top glitter manufacturers in the USA cannot name their biggest client since the client doesn’t want it known they use glitter. When a manager was asked if they could name them in a New York Times interview they instantly replied, “No, I absolutely know that I can’t.” – Source

22. When the Six Flags Over Texas theme park opened in 1961, it had a section dedicated to the Confederacy where actors would hunt through the crowd for Union “spies” and “execute” them by firing squad, and where boys and girls could sign up to defend the South as soldiers and nurses. – Source

23. In Japan, establishments like banks & convenience stores visibly keep baseball-sized orange orbs behind the counter. These “anticrime color balls” are filled with bright pigment that burst on impact & is for employees to lob at robbers (or getaway vehicles) to improve the chance of arrest. – Source

24. Ted Bundy took advantage of an obscure Florida law in court that a marriage declaration in front of a presiding judge was counted as a legal marriage. As he questioned his girlfriend Carol Ann Boone, he asked her to marry him and announced they were married to the court when she accepted. – Source

25. Term “EGOT” was coined by Miami Vice actor Philip Michael Thomas who said he planned to win an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony within 5 years. As of 2019, he has yet to be nominated for any of the awards. – Source


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