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16. Walking before solving a problem improves your creativity by an average of 60%. – Source

17. When John Bardeen won a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1956, the Swedish king criticized him for not bringing his children to the ceremony. Bardeen promised he would bring them the next time he won – and in 1972, he did when he became the first person to win 2 prizes in the same field. – Source

18. Jaime Foxx’s real name is Eric Marlon Bishop. When he found that female comedians were often called first at the club he was performing at, he changed his name to Jamie Foxx to prevent bias. – Source

19. Baywatch’s fans were predominantly women. 65% of viewers were female, with its number-one audience being women aged 18 to 34. It turns out that the female viewers liked that the show’s lead characters were strong, independent, heroic women who were saving lives and were equal to the men. – Source

20. Till 2016 Michael Caine’s legal name was Maurice Micklewhite. He legally changed it to Michael Caine because of the rise in airport security checks. Airport security guards know him as Michael Caine but his passport had a different name which made him wait hours. – Source

21-25 Kickass Random Facts

21. South Park episodes are written, recorded, and animated in 6 days. This is done so the show can comment on current events close to when they happen. – Source

22. A psychology study of more than 4,000 millionaires found that people with more wealth are indeed happier with life. They also found that people who earned their wealth were happier than those who inherited it. – Source

23. Levi’s doesn’t know the significance of most of their historical trademarks, including their three-digit model numbers (e.g. 501) or the arc design stitched on their back pockets. This is because all of their records were lost with their headquarters in the 1906 San Francisco fire. – Source

24. In 2009, Tasmanian opium farmers discovered circles and patterns in their crops. It turns out it was wallabies getting high and bouncing around in circles. – Source

25. Dartmouth chemistry professor Karen Wetterhahn spilled 1 or 2 droplets of dimethylmercury on her gloved hand while working in a lab. Less than a year later she was dead from poisoning. – Source


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