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25 Kickass Random Facts List #64

Here is 25 Kickass Random Facts List #64.

1-5 Kickass Random Facts

Russian Bear

1. Some bears in Russia have become addicted to sniffing Jet Fuel out of discarded barrels, going as far as stalking helicopters for the drops of fuel they leave behind. – Source

2. Cockroaches can make group decisions. During a study when 50 cockroaches were presented with 3 shelters that could only house 40 of them, they split evenly into two groups and left one shelter empty. – Source

3. Some penguins get “depressed” and walk away from the sea alone, to their deaths. No one knows why. – Source

4. According to the US Flag Code, “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery”, and “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform.” – Source

5. Before Billboard took control of the Canadian singles chart in 2007, the #1 song was Nine Inch Nails’ “Survivalism” – the fifth rock-oriented #1 that year. The first #1 on the revamped Canadian Hot 100 was “Umbrella” by Rihanna. Not a single rock song has hit #1 since. – Source

6-10 Kickass Random Facts

Dr Pepper

6. Dr Pepper is owned by neither PepsiCo nor The Coca-Cola Company. They are instead only distributors. This is why you can find Dr Pepper in both Pepsi and Coke soda fountains and vending machines. – Source

7. A homeless man in Chicago lived for three years in the spaces between the girders of a drawbridge, complete with working TV and Playstation. He held on to the beams every time the bridge was raised and lowered to keep from falling. – Source

8. Separating bananas slows down the ripening process. – Source

9. Food Network’s Guy Fieri didn’t register his Times Square Restaurant’s internet domain, so a random person bought it and made a fake website. – Source

10. Dave Grohl’s hometown of Warren, Ohio honored him with gigantic 902 lb drumsticks in 2012. The massive pair broke the Guinness World Record. – Source

11-15 Kickass Random Facts

Frank Culbertson Jr.

11. The only American not on Earth during 9/11 was astronaut Frank L. Culberston, who recorded the event from the ISS. He later learned that the pilot of the plane that struck The Pentagon was a classmate of his from the US Naval Academy, Charles Burlingame. – Source

12. When researchers offered kids broccoli or a chocolate bar, four out of five picked the chocolate but when an Elmo sticker was placed on the broccoli, fifty percent chose the broccoli. – Source

13. Paul McCartney used the pseudonym “Bernard Webb” on the song, “Woman” to prove that his music would be successful no matter who took credit for it and sure enough, “Woman” went to #14 on the U.S. pop charts and #28 in the UK. – Source

14. The world record for longest, most accurate shot with a bow is held by an armless man. He hit the target 230 yards away. – Source

15. A popular medieval sport was trying to head-butt a cat to death with your hands tied behind your back – Source

16-20 Kickass Random Facts

Tom Hardy

16. Actor Tom Hardy is a former drug and alcohol addict, who now helps people that were once in his shoes. – Source

17. Roland the Farter was a professional flatulist, who was given a manor and 30-acres of land in exchange for entertaining King Henry II. – Source

18. Statistically, women not taking birth control “kill” more fertilized zygotes than women taking birth control. – Source

19. Up until 1978, the Mormon Church taught that blacks were once an evil race of Jews who were colored by God for their wickedness. – Source

20. In the early 2000’s students at an elite Japanese university formed ‘Super Free’, a social club revolving around meticulously planning and regularly executing gang rape. They targeted women from out-of-town schools using cult techniques. The rape club made huge profits by making it a pyramid scheme to its members. – Source

21-5 Kickass Random Facts

Zombie apocalypse

21. The concept of a zombie apocalypse is 4000 years old. In the epic poem from Mesopotamia about Gilgamesh, the mythical king of Uruk rejected the advances of Ishtar, the goddess of fertility. She became enraged and threatened to “raise the dead who will outnumber the living and devour them.” – Source

22. In Poker, Anna Kournikova is a name for A-K starting hand. It is so called because “it looks great but doesn’t win anything.” – Source

23. Salting fresh pineapple reduces the “acid burn” effect you get after eating too much of it and it also makes the pineapple taste sweeter. – Source

24. A black mayor was politically gridlocked, harassed by white police officers, illegally barricaded from the city hall, and framed for a murder in Tchula, Mississippi in 1981. – Source

25. Before Alcoa could build an aluminum smelting plant in Iceland, the government had to certify that the area was “elf-free”. – Source



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  • All I’ll say is question everything, including what is on this page. And Wikipedia is NOT a legitimate source of information, after all, it’s an open-source encyclopedia. That means ANYBODY can change whatever information they want. For Pete’s sake, Time Howard (goalie for USMNT) was named U.S. Secretary of Defense instead of Chuck Hagel on Wikipedia. The change was so shocking, it made national news.

    • And to further add to the doubt you should have for Wikipedia number 19 is not only completely inaccurate but extremely offensive. First of all there is no such church called the Mormon Church, the church which Mormons belong to is called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Secondly what that is referring to has a lot to do with what members of this church call Mormon mythology. There was a statement similar to what they said made by an early church leader named Brigham Young unfortunately it become common practice within the church but has recently dispelled these myths here, https://www.lds.org/topics/race-and-the-priesthood if that is not enough to for you to rethink Wikipedia as a reliable source, nothing is.

      • I apologize for the extremely incorrect grammar towards the end of my comment. That post had me seething and I did not double check before I hit post.

  • Wikipedia is just fine as a source. It’s got multiple ways to check it’s veracity, from actually honest people flagging something as incorrect or changing it themselves, to the list of references that accompany each page.

    If you can’t do the work to check the references, then you’re just incompetent.

    Also, Mormonism is a cult and should be done away with.

    • True, I think that and Scientology should be abolished from this earth, those are the only two religions I can’t stand to know people actually believe in.

      • Well, tell me what you think Mormons believe in and I’ll let you know if they’re a cult. I have personally checked the references on several of the sources from Wikipedia on Mormonism are unreliable.

  • People who call Mormonism a cult are ignorant and appear to prefer to live in the darkness of ambiguity and refusal to learn or understand vital truths. Good luck to those people…


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