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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 101

Here are this week’s uplifting headlines.

1-5 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

1. U.S. Senate votes 93-6 to stop airlines removing passengers from overbooked planes, Directs FAA to set minimum seat Sizes. – Source

2. A toddler shredded $1000 that his parents had been saving for months but they’re in luck. The U.S. Treasury has a team of experts that piece destroyed cash together again and could repay the amount in full. – Source

3. The Malaysian government has announced it will not allow any further expansion of oil palm plantations, and that it intends to maintain forest cover at 50%. – Source

4. Billionaire CEO makes $480,000 donation to Flint Community Schools for new water filtration systems. – Source

5. The first thing this man heard after turning on his cochlear implant was his partner proposing. – Source

6-10 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

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6. Carlsberg glues beer cans together becoming one of the first breweries to abandon plastic rings. – Source

7. Dogs have historically been a symbol of a “paws” in hostilities between North and South Korea,  so Pyongyang has sent two pups to South Korean President Moon Jae-in as a token of friendship. – Source

8. Charges dropped against woman who sheltered dozens of animals during Hurricane Florence. – Source

9. A record 800,000 people registered to vote on “National Voter Registration Day”. – Source

10. Amazon raises the minimum wage to $15 for all U.S. employees. – Source

11-15 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

11. 60 students without vaccines kept out of school in Fargo, West Fargo. – Source

12. Dog missing for 5 years reunited with Connecticut family. – Source

13. Pizza Guy saves a woman from abusive Ex-boyfriend from reading her lips “Call Police”. – Source

14. Homeless man gets a haircut, medicine and a place to stay as town pulls together to help him after the brutal and prolonged attack. – Source

15. Halifax surgeon fixes boys teddy bear after operating on the boy. – Source

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