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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 128

16-20 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

16. Wolves back in Netherlands after 140 years. – Source

17. Willie Nelson saves 70 horses from slaughterhouse to roam at his ranch in Texas. – Source

18. NYC’s Catholic Church opens low-income housing in the Bronx. – Source

19. Toledo 7-Eleven owner gives hungry shoplifting teen food instead of calling the cops. – Source

20. This 13-year-old reporter solves a real-life murder mystery by herself. – Source

21-25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

21. Kerala man distributes 10,000 mud pots worth Rs 6 lakh for free to give birds water. – Source

22. Strangers gift a new car to 20-year-old raising 5 siblings. – Source

23. Heroic little Irish boy rescues teen girl from abduction by men who “grabbed her and tried to get her in their van”. – Source

24. New York great-grandmother celebrates 100th birthday alongside her 1-year-old great-granddaughter. – Source

25. Fisherman catches and saves injured shark with vehicle engine belt around torso. – Source

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