25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 129

April 22, 2019
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  1. KMac says:

    Conflicted about #17 (anti-Vaxxers banned from raising $ on GFM):
    1. I’m a surgeon – am pro-vaccine & have little patience for these anti-vaxx fools.
    2. However… in the US, we’re all about free speech & liberty in thought; troubled at the idea of a group being “banned”.
    3. However, contradictory to my point in #2… freedom of speech is only a protection against prosecution by government. Private entities aren’t required to permit unlimited speech.
    Given the above 3 points, am conflicted about #17.
    Either way: get your vaccines & get your kids vaccinated. Traditional Childhood Vaccines are LITERALLY a hundred times safer than antibiotics. More recent vaccines aren’t supported by such strong data (flu, HPV, varicella), simply because they haven’t been around long enough. But my family gets the flu shot. My son got the varicella vaccine & he will get his HPV vaccines when he is older (especially since he isn’t circumcised, sorry that may be TMI, but I’m trying to educate people here).

    1. Louis says:

      Great Comment 🙂

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