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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 150

16-20 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

16. Seawater greenhouse grows crops with saltwater, turning desert into farmland. – Source

17. The U.S. is officially free of measles for now. – Source

18. Michigan high school football team with no band invites band with no team to play at its games. – Source

19. A woman becomes legal guardian to 1500 kids stranded by deportation to keep their families from losing them. – Source

20. 98-Year-Old Chicago man donates $2 million to create an animal sanctuary. – Source

21-25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

21. 5-year-old cancer survivor donates over 3,000 toys to Hershey Children’s Hospital. – Source

22. Simone Biles nails two more amazing moves that will be named after her. – Source

23. Europe’s top court says active consent is needed for tracking cookies. – Source

24. A Mexican teenager just became the first minor in 100 years to be accepted into a post-graduate program at Harvard. – Source

25. This 89-year-old woman knitted 450 blankets and coats for shelter dogs. – Source


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