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25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 151

Here are this week’s uplifting headlines.

1-5 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

1. Plastic bag use down 90% in England since the 5p levy. – Source

2. Despite 14 stitches and a black eye, Jimmy Carter is back building homes. – Source

3. A village in the Philippines is trying to tackle plastic waste by offering rice to residents in exchange for their trash. Residents can get 1 kg of rice, the staple food for Filipinos, for every 2 kg of plastic waste, which are handed over to the government for proper disposal or recycling. – Source

4. WWII veteran asks for 100 cards for 100th birthday, receives 100,000+ instead. – Source

5. Homeless opera singer “offered record deal” after a video of her singing on the subway goes viral. – Source

6-10 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

6. In the third quarter of 2019, the UK’s wind farms, solar panels, biomass, and hydro plants generated more electricity than the combined output from power stations fired by coal, oil, and gas, for the first time. – Source

7. Apple is working to restore African grasslands to curb climate change and save elephants: “By restoring tens of thousands of hectares in the Chyulu Hills, we can remove carbon from the air, protect a critical wildlife corridor for elephants, and support the livelihoods of the Maasai people.” – Source

8. For the first time in decades, women in Iran can go to stadiums and watch football games. – Source

9. This grandmother learned to swim in her 50s. Now, at 73, she’s a returning Ironman champion. – Source

10. Irish teen wins science fair for removing microplastics from the water! – Source

11-15 Uplifting Headlines of the Week

11. Carbon emissions are already falling in 30 cities. – Source

12. Arab plumbers refuse to charge clients after learning she’s a Holocaust survivor. – Source

13. Rain extinguishes Bolivia’s devastating wildfires. – Source

14. Lidl US (Grocery Store) announces that all employees, regardless of how many hours they work, will have access to full Medical benefits, affecting over 1200 part-time employees. – Source

15. High School senior buys bus, fills it with school supplies to deliver to students in a very poor Mexican village. – Source

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