25 Uplifting Headlines of the Week – Part 66

January 29, 2018
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  1. Harold says:

    21. “despite Trump’s attempt to make them cost more” Seems to imply a nefarious plan on Trumps part to punish solar energy producers when in reality he is adding higher tariffs to foreign imports of solar panels (among many other imports).

    1. Tujax says:

      I didn’t vote for Trump, but the “despite Trump’s attempt to make them cost more.” line, really make you guys sound biased.

      Give facts, not opinions.

    2. Timeward says:

      I just went to read on that because I didnt know what that was about. He’s not making them more expensive for the heck of it, just trying something to make the home market grow. Deceiving headline, not uplifiting…

    3. deplorable says:

      Kudos Harold.

    4. fritoz says:

      if you fail to see the trump admin’s crusade to champion oil and coal over renewables like wind and solar, then you really need to simply read more actual news. It’s all there.

      I feel sorry for anyone who espouses opinions, without actually doing real research to back it up.

      yes, the tariffs are on foreign solar panels coming into the US. Its not like Trump is trying to make US made solar panels more commercially viable or competitive, though! don’t be fooled!

      Trump has been trying to prop up the collapsing coal industry, even though there are more US workers in the Solar sector than there are in the coal mining industry.

      So the false claim he is working to save the coal workers is false. He and his billionaire friends/lobbyists just want more money money money, and solar and wind threaten those profits.

      reality is here, no amount of spin can hide the blatant grab for money while destroying the environment.

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