3 Superheroes That Are Just Too Powerful

April 6, 2020
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  1. Jp says:

    The fact that I have iron man on this list wipes away any credibility you may have had. I miss the old kickassfacts. Before the facelift.

  2. Gray Skye says:

    I have to disagree with this one.
    Superman, yes he is over powered and nice list of reasons why.
    Captain Marvel, Yes she is one of the most powered heroes in the Marvel world but I think the reasons here are a bit lacking.
    Iron man is the one I disagree with. Yes his suits are powerful, but anyone can technically have one (Spiderman, War machine, Pepper) and yes he is rich so can build pretty much anything he likes. In all of the films (Which this seams to be based off) he has his rear handed to him near enough, the suits are near totaled and he scrapes the win (Iron man 3 its not him who wins, its Pepper). Thor has more power then Iron man (Avengers 1, Iron mans main big attack barely scraces the Leviathan but Thor can Lightning a whole horde and force back a Pair of them.)

  3. Stanley says:

    You’ve never read a comic book in your life based on you exclusive use of movie referencing. Read the source material and then you will realize the absurdity of this article.

  4. d nice says:

    I may have a different perspective on Superman and his abilities, I believe yes he is ultra powerful and almost unstoppable in nearly every battle. But the conflict he faces during most battles and days for that matter are within himself , having all the power he would ever need to destroy his enemy’s but only using enough to stop the immediate threat and never imposing a tyrannical rule over this evil world is enough of a conflict in itself.That’s the true opponent superman faces himself

  5. DG says:

    I disagree with most of these. Superman is super strong, but he is no where near as fast as The Flash. The Flash can run so fast he travels through time, not once has Superman been that fast. In The Flash Rebirth, its even mentioned that when Flash runs off, Superman says he can keep up with him due to the races they have had to which Flash replies “Oh Clark, those were for charity” and then off he goes.

    Captain Marvel is powerful, but again, using only the movies as a source is trivial at best, there have been numerous times in the comics where Marvel has been beaten. For the film, they had to have her come over some great odds for the third act!

    And for Iron Man being all powerful, wasn’t he almost killed by Thanos on Titan? Thanos did the classic he’s almost dead, I’ll let him die by succumbing to his injuries, not just finish him off myself. His suits are what make him powerful. Not to mention he was also an alcoholic for many years in the comics, Disney can’t focus on that for a PG-13.

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