Here are 30 Global Warming facts.

1-5 Global Warming Facts

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1. Due to global warming, brown recluse spiders may invade our relatively safe northern states. – Source

2. The Golden toad was the first animal to go extinct due to global warming in 1989. – Source

3. The Earths orbital shape around the sun fluctuates by about 5% every 100,000 years. This is part of the reason we experience cyclical global warming and cooling. – Source

4. The Koch brothers funded a scientist who was one of the most prominent global warming skeptics, but after two years of research, he came to the conclusion that scientists were right about climate change. – Source

5. The Percentage of Americans believing that global warming is caused by humans has actually gone down over the past decade. – Source

6-10 Global Warming Facts

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6. Scientists want to introduce global warming on Mars to make life habitable for colonization. – Source

7. The founder of the Weather Channel said that global warming is a “scam”. – Source

8. There was a plan on July 20th, 2006 for everybody on earth to jump at the same time in an attempt to knock the earth out of its orbit and stop global warming. – Source

9. Global Dimming accounts for a 4% reduction in the sunlight that reaches us in the last three decades and offsets Global Warming with a cooling effect. – Source

10. Swedish scientist Svante Arrhenius was the first to claim that fossil fuel combustion may eventually result in enhanced global warming, in 1896. – Source

11-15 Global Warming Facts

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11.  The island town of Shishmaref who’s townspeople voted in 2002 to move to the mainland due to losing 10ft per year of coastline due to global warming. – Source

12. Nitrogen trifluoride, a greenhouse gas not regulated by the Kyoto Protocol with a global warming potential 17 200 times greater than carbon dioxide, is released during the manufacturing of flat-panel screens. – Source

13. The president of Maldives has begun buying land in India for his citizens for when the Maldives Archipelago is flooded due to global warming in a few decades. – Source

14. Despite Global Warming, we’re still technically in an Ice Age. – Source

15. The narwhal is considered to be the most vulnerable species to global warming. – Source

16-20 Global Warming Facts

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16. There is an entire Earth Simulator in Japan that can forecast the effects of global warming and human interference in the Environment up to over 1000 years. – Source

17. Dumping iron into the ocean can spur the growth of algae which may work to absorb excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and help stop global warming. – Source

18. Preeminent Loch Ness monster researcher Robert Rines believes Nessie to have gone extinct sometime within the past 33 years due to global warming. – Source

19. Contrails, the clouds made by planes, have been considered a significant depressor of global warming. After 9-11 planes stopped and a significant temperature increase was observed. – Source

20. Global warming has ‘solved’ a land dispute between India and Bangladesh. – Source

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