21-25 Credit Card Facts


21. If you sprinkle iron filings on a credit card (or any magnetic stripe card), you can see the encoding on the stripe. – Source

22. You can call 1-800-5 OPT OUT to remove yourself from the main 3 credit unions’ mailing lists and stop most credit card applications in your mailbox for 5 years. – Source

23. The mastermind behind a multi-million dollar credit card cloning ring required that all accomplices engage in sadomasochistic group sex with him on video to ensure they weren’t undercover cops. – Source

24. In July 2009, a man from New Hampshire got charged $23 quadrillion dollars by Bank of America and Visa due to a credit card glitch. – Source

25. P*rn subscribers with female names are flagged as signs of potential credit card fraud. – Source

26-30 Credit Card Facts


26. A hacker once stole almost 1.8 million credit card numbers, a couple of years after infiltrating the Pentagon and dozens of military bases… because he felt like it. – Source

27. Leonard Cohen’s manager took $5 million from him and sold the rights to his music over time to pay her credit cards among other things leaving him with $150,000. He never retrieved the money and basically said he hoped she would learn from it and be a better person. – Source

28. Student loan debt is roughly $1 trillion in size, greater than credit-card debt in the USSource

29. Clerks(1994) was made for $27,575, mostly funded by credit cards in Kevin Smith’s name, proceeds from selling his comic collection, a family donation and paychecks from the stores the film is about. – Source

30. Stephen Fry was expelled from two schools and went to prison for credit card fraud. – Source

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