30 Interesting Facts About Kings – Part 1

May 29, 2014
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  1. Mads Riisager says:

    Where the f**k have you read, that blueberries made Harald Blåtands teeth blue. Can’t you here how ridiculous that sound. He had a damage teeth, there was blue. And your wikipedia source doesn’t say anything about blueberries. I like your site, but if you don’t check your information properly, how am I supposed to take anything on this site seriously???

    1. Stephen Archinal says:

      Especially considering that blueberries are a New World crop.

  2. paul says:

    The Bluetooth thing is completely wrong, it’s named after the creator who’s last name is Bluetooth, nothing more.

    1. Mads Riisager says:

      No… It is named after Harald Bluetooth, but his teeth just isn’t blue because of too many blueberries. But it is named after him. He was a wiking, who united the north, like bluetooth is uniting electronic devices.

    2. larkspur says:

      The info about the Bluetooth device itself is correct.

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