30 Interesting Facts About Native Americans

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  1. Myra Pearson says:

    Wasn’t Brando’s Oscar refused rather than accepted?

  2. Bob says:


    1. Nilary nicolas says:


  3. Nilary nicolas says:

    learning about Native Americans is so cool. but i also wonder if some of them still live today?

    1. Hilary nicolas says:

      sorry, my name is suppose to be hilary not nilary

    2. Lin says:

      Yes, of course. Study contemporary history. We are covering the country of Oklahoma, are
      numerous in all states and returning to an understanding of the significance of our knowledge
      systems which protected the continent for many thousands of years. We are taught respect
      for all living things. We are taught to care for our elders. Sweat lodges take place as a constant.
      All you need to do is research, even on the computer.

  4. Ariel says:

    I lovee native americsns

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