30 Interesting Facts About Guns

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  1. James says:

    I love how this list is in the U.S. section

  2. Obama is stupid and will not band guns

    1. Einstein says:

      I’ve never heard of banding guns…birds, yes, guns, no.

      1. Goot says:

        I’ve heard of the band Guns & Roses, but don’t think that’s what she meant

        1. Bob Fields says:

          There was the band L.A. Guns as well.

          1. Chris M says:

            Don’t forget Velvet Revolver.

            1. Kayan says:

              Bro there is scarL

  3. Timeward says:

    The link on #20 takes to a site with no info and endless links to celeb stuff where the info should be.

    1. Admin says:

      It looks like the source website no longer has that information. Anyway, I updated the source link with a new one.

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