21-25 Julius Caesar Facts

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21. Elizabethan English believed that the Tower of London was built by Julius Caesar. – Source

22. Julius Caesar was more than likely to not have been delivered by Caesarean section since the procedure was only used when the mother had died during childbirth. – Source

23. During the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar used reverse psychology to pacify four legions of mutinous troops who were complaining about the lack of back pay. The troops then begged to re-enlist in order to fight in North Africa without pay. – Source

24. During Julius Caesar’s “unsuccessful” first invasion of Britain, several ships were badly damaged or wrecked because the Romans were ignorant of the powerful Atlantic tides. – Source

25. Julius Caesar developed a cipher to protect his military correspondence. – Source

26-29 Julius Caesar Facts

26. July was called Quinitilis until Julius Caesar died. – Source

27. Julius Caesar wore his Laurel Wreath so much because he was so embarrassed about his baldness. – Source

28. Julius Caesar briefly held the position of Flamen Dialis or High Priest of Jupiter. This restricted him from riding a horse, touching metal or seeing a corpse. When Sulla returned from the campaign, he immediately stripped Caesar of his title, allowing him to enter politics and see many corpses. – Source

29. Julius Caesar never said, “Et tu, Brute?” and either said, “Kai su, Teknon?” which means “You too, child?” in Greek, or nothing at all. – Source

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