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30 Interesting Lawsuits and Court Cases-Part 1

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  1. drubacca117 says:

    For the record, number 24 has a small error in it… It isn’t true, according to your own source (and is also not true according to your sources source), which says that NO lawsuits were filed. Furthermore, even if a lawsuit was filed and a decision was made against Nintendo, they wouldn’t have been found “guilty” because the case would not be a criminal case. They could be found responsible, liable for damages or possibly be punitively fined (in a case of negligence, etc.), but they wouldn’t have been found “guilty”.

    1. Admin says:

      Thank you for pointing it out. That fact has been replaced.

      1. drubacca117 says:

        Wow… I honestly didn’t expect that… kudos to you for changing it so fast!

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