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30 Kickass and Fascinating Facts About Canada-Part2

Here are 30 Kickass and Fascinating Facts About Canada-Part2.  For Part 1 click here.

1-5 Fascinating Facts About Canada

drug tests-Fascinating Facts About Canada

1. Random and preemployment drug tests are illegal in Canada.

2. When Canada switched to the Metric System in 1970, a group of angry Conservative members of Parliament opened up an illegal “Freedom to Measure” gas station, which sold gas in gallons. – Source

3. The postal code for Delta, British Columbia is V4G 1N4. – Source

4. Because Iceland doesn’t have an Air Force it relies on its allies to provide protection. Currently Canada is providing air protection for Iceland – Source

5. Slavery ended in Canada when one woman slave, Chloe Clooey, cried out in resistance to her master. Some passersbys heard her and told Canada’s Lieutenant Governor, who soon after the incident passed the Act Against Slavery. – Source

6-10 Fascinating Facts About Canada

US-Canada border-Fascinating Facts About Canada

6. US-Canada border is the longest border in the world without a military defense. – Source

7. Whiskey with an “e” comes from Ireland whilst Whisky without an “e” come from Scotland and Canada. – Source

8. Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. – Source

9. Canada created a $1,000,000 Coin That Is Usable. – Source

10. On August 4, 1922, all telephone services in the United States and Canada was suspended for one minute during the funeral of Alexander Graham Bell. – Source

11-15 Fascinating Facts About Canada

Smoked bacon flavor lays-Fascinating Facts About Canada

11. Lay’s chips has a smoked bacon flavor that is only available in Canada – Source

12. A Nazi Weather Station was discovered in Canada in the 1970 – Source

13. Ontario, Canada is named after the lake and not the other way around. – Source

14. In the 1960s, a psychiatric hospital in Canada stripped inmates nude, shut them in an empty room and gave them large, sustained doses of LSD as part of a controversial new form of therapy. – Source

15. In 1947, a group of kids in Canada sparked a series of protests against candy manufacturers, who raised the price of chocolate bars from 5 cents to 8 cents. – Source

16-20 Fascinating Facts About Canada

Haskell Opera-Fascinating Facts About Canada

16. There is an opera house that straddles the US/Canadian border called Haskell Opera, and inside, the seats are separated by a line. If you don’t exit the same side that you entered, you have committed an international incident, and are subject to arrest.

17. Canada has the 6th largest air force in the Americas, behind the US Airforce, the US Navy, the US Army, the US Marine Corps, and the Brazillian Air Force – Source

18. The managing editor of Huffington Post Canada shoved vodka-soaked tampons up her vagina to kill the urban legend, only to be greeted by a comment telling her she used the wrong hole, thereby nullifying her findings – Source

19. Canada is the only non-European member of the European Space Agency. – Source

20. In 1978 in Yukon, Canada a bulldozer uncovered buried reels of nitrate film during excavation of a landfill. About 500 old films dating back to 1910 to 1921 were uncovered. This treasure trove included long lost newsreels of World War 1, and many long lost silent movies. – Source

21-25 Fascinating Facts About Canada

Swastika-Fascinating Facts About Canada

21. There’s a town in Ontario called “Swastika”. There have been several attempts to change the name, but the town fights back insisting that the town had held the name long before the Nazis opted the symbol. – Source

22. Even though Detroit is just across the river from it, Windsor, Ontario has one of the lowest murder rates in all of Canada. – Source

23. A town called Redditt, Ontario had a highway 666 running through it, but a church successfully petitioned to have it renumbered, so that their address wasn’t on the “highway to hell.” – Source

24. Skyscrapers in downtown Toronto are air conditioned via frigid water pumped from the bottom of Lake Ontario, reducing their electricity costs by 75% – Source

25. NYPD operates in 11 foreign cities, including London, Lyons, Hamburg, Tel Aviv and Toronto – Source

26-30 Fascinating Facts About Canada

montreal musical swings-Fascinating Facts About Canada

26. Montreal has musical swing sets downtown. When in motion, they produce sounds. If you can sync all 3 swings, it creates a song. – Source

27. A University of Montreal study on the p*rn-viewing habits of men was cancelled when the researcher was unable to find any men who had never watched p*rn. – Source

28. During WW2, Britain shipped its gold reserves and foreign securities to Canada in crates labeled “Fish”. They were stored for years in an office building in downtown Montreal, where 5000 people worked throughout the war without having a clue about what was hidden in their basement. – Source

29. Slovakian women’s hockey team qualified for the 2010 Olympics by beating Bulgaria 82-0, and then lost to team Canada in Vancouver 18-0 – Source

30. There’s a place in Vancouver that provides a safe space for intravenous drug addicts to inject themselves. They provide clean needles, food, and drug addiction counseling – Source


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  • number 11 is wrong, lays crisps are called walkers crisps over here in england and smokey bacon is a very popular flavour.

    • this site is based in the U.S. and thus knows mostly about the U.S. and not England, and since it is under a different name, and not orginaly created by Frito-Lay, it is different. Also most Americans won’t care they is a sister brand with the same flavor in England


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