Here are 30 Kickass And Interesting Facts About Google.

1-5 Interesting Facts About Google

Oops-Interesting Facts About Google

1. In 2009, while one of Google’s programmers was adding websites to the malware registry, he accidentally entered “/” instead of a full URL that caused the search engine to block off every website in its index including Google’s own pages for 55 minutes.

2. Facebook’s first annual Hacker Cup coding challenge was won by a Google programmer. He showed up at Facebook headquarters to collect his prize all while wearing his Google employee badge. – Source

3. Since 2009, Google has been offering free legal music downloads in China in partnership with the largest record labels in the world. – Source

4. If a Google Employee dies, their spouse gets half of the pay for 10 years – Source

5. In 1997 yahoo turned down the chance to buy Google for $1 million. Google is now worth $200 billion – Source

6-10 Interesting Facts About Google

Driverless Car-Interesting Facts About Google

6. Google successfully tested an computer driven car that drove 300,000 miles with only one accident, which was a parking lot fender bender when a human was driving. – Source

7. (google backwards) has a huge following in China because elgooG search terms are printed in reverse, so users are able to perform Google searches without detection by the Chinese government’s search filters. – Source

8. Google prefers dogs to cats. Even their code of conduct specifically states that they are a dog company. – Source

9. Google effect is the tendency to forget information that can be easily found using internet search engines such as Google, instead of remembering it. – Source

10. Google donated 5 million dollars to a wildlife program that uses drones to track poachers in Africa and Asia. – Source

11-15 Interesting Facts About Google

Eric Schmidt-Interesting Facts About Google

11. Google blacklisted all CNET reporters for an entire year after it published Google CEO, Eric Schmidt’s salary, neighborhood where he lived, some of his hobbies, and political donations. All that info came from Google searches after legitimate concerns were raised about one’s privacy by media & Eric Schmidt’s statement that people were just being paranoid.- Source

12. Google provides the number for the Suicide Prevention Hotline in any country when presented with the search terms “i want to die.” – Source

13. Google intends to scan all known existing 130 million unique books by the end of this decade. – Source

14. When Google became a publicly traded enterprise, its founders Sergey Brin, Larry Page and CEO Eric Schmidt requested that their salary be cut to $1. Subsequent offers by the company to increase their salaries have been declined by them because their main compensation comes from owning stocks in Google. – Source

15. Google pays Mozilla $300Million every year to be the default search engine in Firefox – Source

16-20 Interesting Facts About Google

Garfield Mail-Interesting Facts About Google

16. Before Google launched Gmail, ‘G-Mail’ was the name of a free email service offered by Garfield’s website. – Source

17. Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt was April Fooled early in his career when his office was taken apart and rebuilt on a platform in the middle of a pond complete with a working phone. – Source

18. New employees at Google are given a propeller beanie cap to wear on their first Friday. – Source

19. Google’s homepage is so simple because when it was created, neither Larry Page nor Sergey Brin knew much of HTML – Source

20. Google was losing over $100 million due to “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, until they resolved it by coming up with Google Instant. – Source

21-25 Interesting Facts About Google

Lego Server-Interesting Facts About Google

21. Google’s first server rack was made from Lego.

22. Google gives its live traffic feeds by using anonymous cell phone data, where they collect the speed at which the phones are moving and uses it to indicate traffic congestion. – Source

23. In late 2007, there was a huge spike in Google searches for almost every imaginable querry. To date, the best guess as to what was behind this is that someone, possibly a competitor, was trying to crack Google’s search algorithm. – Source

24. Google is spelled such because Larry Page and Sergey Brin accidentally misspelled ‘googol’ when registering their trademark and domain name. – Source

25. Google makes changes to their search algorithm at an average of once every 17.5 hours – Source

26-30 Interesting Facts About Google

Goat Mower-Interesting Facts About Google

26. Google uses goats to keep their lawns in shape. – Source

27. Google will soon release a platform called Earth Engine that will compile all publicly available satellite imagery ever created and will allow researchers to perform functions that used to take hours or days in just minutes or seconds. – Source

28. Google Doodles’ first interactive game, Pacman is said to have cost worldwide economy $120,000,000. – Source

29. A space venture backed by Google and Microsoft founders are planning to mine near-Earth asteroids to extract its deposits of precious metals and minerals. – Source

30. You can see how Google AdSense has profiled your online persona to serve you relevant ads. – Source

Last Update: April 25, 2016

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