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30 Kickass and Interesting Facts About Switzerland

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  1. NicoleK says:

    You’re mistaken about Womens’ Suffrage, you state women could not vote in -any- elections. Women could vote at the Federal level in 1971, and at some Cantonal levels beginning in 1959.

    The 1990 date comes from them getting Suffrage at the Cantonal level in the last holdout, Inner Appenzell, which was actually imposed by the Federal govt (the other cantons had managed to slowly give in up until then).

    1. Alex says:

      What Nobody Knows ist hat in the states where women couldnt vote men where not allowed to own money, Houses and land. Only women could have Money. The votes took part in public so the women could See what the men would vote for and could punish them if they didnt obey in not giving them any money anymore.

  2. jeano says:

    Also, a Swiss company is now proposing to transform your loved one’s body into a diamond you can wear. The Swiss company’s name is Algordanza and is proposing to transform the body into a diamond for a price ranging from 2800€ to 12000€ (depending on the carat of the diamond).

    Also, Schmutzli is not Santa Claus’s associate. He is Saint-Nicolas’s associate and we also have him in Belgium and the Netherlands. In Belgium he is known as “father whipper”. His job is to whip misbehaving children and maybe even replace their gifts with lumps of coal.

  3. aSwiss says:

    Point 5 is partially wrong: it’s not at all about preventing home break ins since you can’t take any ammunition home so your rifle wouldn’t help you much (it could even encourage break ins since it’s an easy way to get poorly secured weapons as a criminal).
    Everybody who served in the army has to do a test shooting once a year and it’s just more convenient if you don’t have to fetch your rifle at some other place first which is probably the main reason to store the rifle at home. If you don’t want to store your rifle at home the army will store it for you but with the down side that you’ll have to fetch it first before the annual test shootings as well as the annual three week repetition service.

    1. This is not true it is there in case a war breaks out if you have been in the army it is illegal to not do this

      1. NatValCas says:


        Anyone has been allowed to give back his riffle after finnishing his last anual repetition course at a certain age for some years now. As my husband and most men I know of did. And it is absolutely true that no one is allowed to use his military weapon for anything else than war time and the yearly repetitive WK/EK or shootingrange obligatorium!

        1. Rude…

          Don’t just say “wrong,” that’s just impolite.

    2. NatValCas says:

      And you would be severly punished for using your army riffle for anything else but the shooting range and war.

  4. a says:

    i dont like these ads 🙁

    1. Mr Bry says:

      shoot. I thought every citizen if Switzerland had a gun and that is why the enjoy the lowers murder rate per 100,000 people.

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