30 Facts About Suicide

April 3, 2017
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  1. Demarke says:

    #3- Robin Williams had a great episode of Mork and Mindy where he prevented someone’s suicide, wish he Los younger self could have talked to his older one!

    1. Demarke says:

      *his younger self

  2. Demarke says:

    #20 – the wireless carrier sending a free message that accidentally sets off the suicide bomb entry – I hope this is true, but I just read another article recently about an alleged ISIS lady that had the same thing happen within the last couple of months. Plausible, maybe (hopefully). But given the repetitive presentation I wonder if this is no more true than the gangsters attacking people flashing their lights thing.

  3. Demarke says:

    #23 – if I remember right it was a guy that liked her that she had friend-zoned, which almost makes her encouragement of the suicide worse in that she apparently led him on then made it abundantly clear she had no feelings for him when she egged on the suicide.

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