Here are 31 Bullying facts.

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1. Mike Tyson has coped with negative emotions throughout his life by caring for pigeons. As a child, he suffered bullying & depression (the first punch he ever threw was at a bully that killed one of his birds) & as an adult with his sunk career and death of his 4-year-old daughter. – Source

2. In 1977 singer Tom Waits was arrested outside a coffee shop for trying to stop men from bullying other patrons. These men were plainclothes officers, and Waits was charged with disturbing the peace. Waits disputed the charge, was found not guilty, and successfully sued the police dept. for $7,500. – Source

3. The cousin of the “Internet Bully Hero”, that slams a kid on the floor at school for bullying him, committed suicide, because of bullying. – Source

4. Bullying, child abuse, and stress causes children to age faster at a cellular level and leads to physical and mental health problems even decades later, including an earlier death. – Source

5. Gordon Ramsay left one of his first jobs while as an aspiring chef because he was tired of “the rages the bullying and violence” perpetrated by the head chef. – Source

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6. Schools that ditch schoolyard rules are actually seeing a drop in bullying, serious injuries, and vandalism, while concentration levels in class are increasing. Turns out giving children too many rules hurts their development. – Source

7. In 1981, a man who had been bullying residents of a small Missouri town was murdered in broad daylight when 46 townspeople rose up against him, in an act of vigilante justice. No charges were ever filed. – Source

8. Rebecca Black of ‘Friday’ fame had to drop out of school due to bullying. – Source

9. NBC and AT&T used corporate and government bullying to destroy the life of the inventor of FM radio, leading to his suicide. – Source

10. ChildLine has spent 25 years ensuring an adult is at the end of a phone to help children cope with all kinds of serious issues, ranging from bullying, neglect and violence at home to alcohol and drug problems. – Source

11-15 Bullying Facts

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11. Many Japanese small-business men committed suicide due to bullying loan collection techniques practiced by Sarakin – legal moneylenders who make unsecured loans at high interest; Sarakin used methods such as showing up at a funeral or wedding to demand money. – Source

12. Nerds, the candy (also a name bully’s use to poke fun at others) have a program to help prevent/stop bullying. РSource

13. Jon Voight abandoned Angelina Jolie as a child, and she suffered from self-harm, suicidal thoughts, bullying, drug addiction, and even attempted to hire a hitman to kill her before she was admitted to a psychiatric ward. – Source

14. English soccer star Mario Balotelli once confronted a schoolboy about bullying for a young fan after asking him why he wasn’t in school. – Source

15. Kid President (Robby Novak) has Osteogenesis Imperfecta “Brittle Bones Disease“, which makes him susceptible to bone damage. He has experienced over 70 fractures and has been a victim of bullying. – Source

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