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34 Interesting Facts About Poker

21-25 Poker Facts

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21. There are over 2.5 million possible 5 card combinations in poker, and that players have a 50 percent chance of being dealt “no pair” in a five-card deal. – Source

22. For poker players, “Black Friday” refers to August 15, 2011, when the DoJ seized the domains of the three largest online poker sites, effectively shutting down internet poker in the US. – Source

23. Norm MacDonald was placed 20th in the 2007 World Series of Poker. – Source

24. A woman won a poker tournament and only looked at her cards once. – Source

25. There was an underwater poker game in 1951, without Scuba. – Source

26-30 Poker Facts

26. Poker is illegal in Alabama because it’s a chance game. – Source

27. In Estancia, New Mexico, if there is a tie in the Mayor election the tie-breaker is a game of poker. It has happened three times. – Source

28. Pro Poker player Stu Unger correctly predicted his opponent’s hand after his opponent went All-In during a $50k heads-up match. Unger won the game with a 10 high. – Source

29. Benny Binion, the creator of The World Series of Poker was a convicted murderer and by the early 1940s, Binion had become the reigning mob boss of Dallas. – Source

30. Claudico, an artificial intelligence computer program using 16 terabytes of RAM, won a Texas hold ’em poker championship for computers, but it was defeated by a team of humans. – Source

31-34 Poker Facts

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31. Very early slot machines were based on poker and did not have a fixed payout. Instead, certain combinations resulted in a prize offered by the establishment, such as free drinks or cigars. – Source

32. The term “jackpot” originated from a form of poker in which the pot grew larger and larger until a player could open bidding with a pair of jacks. – Source

33. There has been an annual computer poker competition since 2006. 70 million hands were played in the 2012 competition to eliminate the luck factor. – Source

34. Online Poker is a Class C Felony in Washington State. – Source

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