Here are 35 amazing Sun facts.

1-5 Sun Facts


1. When you get a sunburn, it’s not your skin cells being damaged by the sun and dying, it’s your skin cells’ DNA being damaged by the sun and them killing themselves so they don’t turn into cancer. – Source

2. Porphyria is a collection of diseases where symptoms include severe sun sensitivity, prominent canine teeth, and peculiar behavior is thought to be the basis of the vampire legend especially as symptoms are worsened by garlic. – Source

3. Jupiter is so large that it and the Sun mutually orbit a point outside of the Sun itself. – Source

4. Around 70,000 years ago the volcano Toba in Indonesia erupted and covered the earth with so much ash the sun was dimmed for 6 years. The population of early humans neared extinction and some studies indicate there were as few as 40 breeding pairs. – Source

5. Every second of every day, the sun converts 700 million tons of hydrogen into 695 million tons of helium. The other 5 million tons becomes energy, every second. – Source

6-10 Sun Facts


6. 7% of the population triggers a sneeze reflex when staring at a bright light such as the sun. 94% of people with this reflex are Caucasian. – Source

7. There is a galaxy-eating fireball 3 Million light-years in diameter and hotter than the center of our Sun out there. – Source

8. If viewed from space or a high altitude, the sun appears to be white. Whereas viewed from a low altitude, atmospheric rendering makes it appear to be what we believe as yellow. – Source

9. Plasma is actually the most common phase of matter in the universe. Despite being rare on Earth the Sun, the stars, and most interstellar matter are plasma. – Source

10. In six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humans consume in a year. – Source

11-15 Sun Facts


11. The Sun is a perfect sphere ever observed in nature. – Source

12. If the sun was scaled to the size of basketball; Mercury would be the size of a grain of sand-33 feet away, Earth would be the size of a BB shot-86 feet away, Jupiter would be the size of gumball-445 feet away, and the nearest star would be another basketball-5000 miles away! – Source

13. The Greeks had proposed heliocentrism 2000 years before Copernicus: Aristarchus arranged the planets in order of distance from the Sun, concluding that it could not be in orbit around the Earth because a body that large could not orbit a body so small. – Source

14. It takes the Sun 226 million years to orbit around the Milky Way Galaxy. – Source

15. According to a 2011 poll, 32% of Russians believe that the sun orbits the earth. – Source

16-20 Sun Facts


16. Bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun. – Source

17. All the American flags placed on the moon are now white due to radiation from the sun. – Source

18. There’s a whole conspiracy theory about NASA hiding a “second sun”. – Source

19. In 200 BCE, Eratosthenes measured the Earth’s circumference to an accuracy of 98.4% by measuring the angle of the sun in two different cities. – Source

20. Sweden hosts the world’s largest scale model of the Solar System, based around the Ericsson Globe arena in central Stockholm, which acts as the ‘Sun’. – Source

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