Here are 35 interesting Mount Everest facts.

1-5 Mount Everest Facts

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1. Sir George Everest, the man after whom Mount Everest is named, actually pronounced his name “Eve-rest” and not “Ever-est”. – Source

2. For the first time since 1974, nobody climbed to the top of Mount Everest in 2015. – Source

3. The rock at the summit of Mount Everest is marine limestone and would have been deposited on the seafloor around 450 million years ago. – Source

4. The original surveyors of Mount Everest lied and added 2 feet to its height to make it 29,002 feet because they didn’t think people would believe them if they said it was really 29,000 feet high. – Source

5. In 2011, two Nepali men climbed Mount Everest and then proceeded to paraglide off of the summit, landing 35 km away. They then hiked and kayaked to the Bay of Bengal, winning the pair National Geographic Adventurers of the Year. – Source

6-10 Mount Everest Facts

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6. A man rode his bike from Sweden to Mount Everest and then tried to summit. He turned around 300 feet from the top. – Source

7. There’s 3G mobile phone coverage on the summit of Mount Everest, so you could tweet from the top. – Source

8. A Nepalese Sherpa climbed to the summit of Mount Everest from base camp in just over 8 hrs. – Source

9. It costs between 35,000-80,000 US dollars to climb Mount Everest. The permit alone costs 11,000 dollars. – Source

10. Mount Everest may be the tallest mountain in the world, but Mount Chimborazo in Ecuador is the furthest away from the center of the earth. – Source

11-15 Mount Everest Facts

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11. You can pay $80,000 to be guided to the top of Mount Everest, even if you have no climbing experience at all. – Source

12. Reinhold Messner climbed Mount Everest, without oxygen. Climbed Nanga Parbat 3 times, the first time he lost his brother and 7 toes in the process. Then climbed it again to become the first person to solo climb it. And climbed it again to retrieve his brother remains. – Source

13. Mount Everest is growing by around 2.5 inches per year. – Source

14. A 20-year old kid successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Everest and snowboarded his way down to the base camp. He only had 4 years of snowboarding experience prior to the stunt. Learn who invented snowboarding.

15. In 2005 a man landed a helicopter on the summit of Mount Everest. Two days later he did it again, proving he didn’t just get lucky the first time. – Source

16-20 Mount Everest Facts

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16. Scott E. Parazynski is the only person to have flown in space and summited Mount Everest. Parazynski flew five times on the Space Shuttle and conducted seven spacewalks. In 2008, he failed to summit Everest due to a severe back injury but succeeded on his second try the next year. – Source

17. The first expedition to successfully climb Mount Everest, attributed to Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, comprised an additional 13 mountaineers, 1 journalist, 20 Sherpa guides and 362 local porters. – Source

18. Mount Everest is the only place in the world where the land ever touches the stratosphere. – Source

19. Babu Chiri Sherpa summited Mount Everest 10 times by age 30 and once stayed on the summit for 21 hours, yet on his last ascent while taking pictures he fell into a crevasse and died. – Source

20. A small jumping spider named Euophrys omnisuperstes (which means ‘standing above everything else’) lives at elevations of up to 6,700 meters on Mount Everest, making it the highest known permanent resident on earth. – Source

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