26-30 U.S. Military Facts

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26. Because of extreme inner-city gun violence, the U.S. military sent trauma teams to Martin Luther King Jr. medical centre in Los Angeles to better deal with bullet injuries. – Source

27. The U.S. military uses purposefully boring PowerPoint slides to discourage reporters. – Source

28. Within the U.S. military, guns were most frequently associated with Army personnel suicides. – Source

29. The USS Liberty massacre was the only incident in U.S. history where the U.S. military forces were killed that was never investigated by the U.S. Congress. – Source

30. The U.S. military researched into recruiting prominent bloggers and subtly change messages and data merely a few words or phrases, destroying the enemy blogger’s credibility with the audience. – Source

31-35 U.S. Military Facts

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31. The only sanctioned pet by the U.S. military is a pig named Shakey in Guam. –Source

32. The A-10 Thunderbolt II, one of the most feared planes in the U.S. military, hasn’t been produced since 1984. – Source

33. The U.S. military is advancing technology to control moths in flight and use them as spies. – Source

34. The U.S. military used lightweight cutouts of planes to create cooler areas from the shadows. When a Russian spy plane was nearing the airfield, the cutouts would be pulled and hidden so the thermal imaging would show a plane, but the photography would not. – Source

35. Sept. 17, 1862 (150 years ago today) was the bloodiest day in the U.S. military history. Almost 3,000 soldiers died with a total of almost 23,000 casualties during the day’s fighting at the Battle of Antietam. – Source

36-38 U.S. Military Facts

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36. In 1937, the U.S. developed ‘U.S. military chocolate’, requiring that it be high in energy and taste a little better than a boiled potato. – Source

37. The U.S military had set up plans to go to war with the British Empire in the 1930s. – Source

38. The U.S. military proposed using a “Gay Bomb” in 1994 to be used to turn enemy forces irresistibly attracted to one another. – Source


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