Here are 39 Gulf War facts.

1-5 Gulf War Facts

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1. In the 90’s, a major testimony about horrific acts committed by Iraqi troops, including infanticide, was fabricated in order to gain support for the first gulf war. – Source

2. During the Gulf War when American forces were faced with extensive trenches of Iraqi soldiers they “opted to use anti-mine plows mounted on tanks and combat earthmovers to simply plow over and bury alive the defending Iraqi soldiers.” – Source

3. At the end of the Gulf War, 20 people died in Kuwait due to falling bullets from celebratory gunfire. – Source

4. During the first Gulf War, the Iraqi military would dispense propaganda pamphlets and radio spots aimed at US soldiers that said that while they were in Iraq fighting “their wives were in bed with Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and Bart Simpson” back at home. – Source

5. Actress Sarah Polley, the little girl from The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, refused the demands of Disney executives to remove a peace sign worn in protest of the first Gulf War, thus severing her ties with the company. – Source

6-10 Gulf War Facts


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6. In the late 1980s, Iraq began building the largest artillery piece in history, a gun that could have put satellites into Orbit and conceivably hit any spot on the planet. However, the mysterious assassination of its Canadian designer, and the first Gulf War ended the project. – Source

7. Saddam Hussein’s regime genocided an entire race of 500,000 people known as the “Marsh Arabs” after the Persian Gulf War by literally destroying the environment that their entire civilization was built upon, building 32 dams to turn their homes and farms into the desert. – Source

8. More US soldiers died in the First Gulf War from accidents and friendly fire than were killed by enemy fire. – Source

9. There is a Gameboy that survived a barracks bombing during the Gulf War. – Source

10. Shaggy served with a firing battery from the 10th Marine Regiment during the Gulf War. Shaggy perfected his signature singing voice in the Marine Corps and it is also where he got the inspiration for his song “Boombastic”. – Source

11-15 Gulf War Facts

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11. The United States has a weapon called a “Graphite Bomb”, Its filaments were hundredths of an inch thick and can float in the air like a dense cloud, They could disable electronics and were used successfully in the Gulf War against Iraq and again against Serbia. – Source

12. The longest ever recorded tank-on-tank kill shot was shot from 5,100 meters or over 3 miles away by a British Challenger 1 battle tank during the Persian Gulf War. – Source

13. The U.S. military saved an estimated 200,000 lives when it diverted troops returning home from the Gulf War to provide aid to Bangladesh after a devastating cyclone in 1991. – Source

14. During the first Gulf War copiers that were produced in the US and used by the Iraqis to copy and print battle plans had a secret transmitter built in that allowed the US to target the exact location of the copier. – Source

15. After the Gulf War, oil well fires in Kuwait were blown out with jet engines attached to tanks. – Source

16-20 Gulf War Facts

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16. The only air-to-air kill made by an F-15E in the first Gulf War was via a guided bomb dropped onto a helicopter 800 feet off the ground. – Source

17. Almost one-third of American Gulf War veterans suffer from some form of Gulf War Syndrome which is a chronic multisymptom disorder that can cause cognitive problems, muscle pain, and fatigue. The cause of the syndrome is still debated. – Source

18. The Police chief of Crisfield, Maryland burned down two city blocks & was caught taking bribes from drug dealers in 1987, but was released from prison after a week to fight the Gulf War. – Source

19. Joe Strummer, “wept when he heard the phrase ‘Rock the Casbah’ was written on an American bomb that was to be detonated on Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War.” – Source

20. The “Bunker Buster” bombs used during the first Gulf War went from concept to reality in less than 23 days and were manufactured from Howitzer cannon barrels. – Source

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