26-30 Scholarship Facts

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26. When Native Americans protested the Eaton High School “Fighting Reds” mascot, a basketball team in Greeley named themselves the “Fighting Whites.” The team became enormously popular and endowed a $79,000 scholarship fund for minorities. – Source

27. There is a widespread false rumor that Will Smith turned down a scholarship to MIT. But rather he was quoted saying, “I had pretty high SAT scores and they needed black kids, so I probably could have gotten in. But I had no intention of going to college.” – Source

28. Wilber Huston was named America’s “brightest boy” in a 1929 national contest judged by Edison, Ford, Firestone, Lindbergh et al. He won an all expense paid scholarship to MIT and majored in physics. – Source

29. Hulagu Khan’s Destruction of the House of Wisdom in 1258 is seen as one of the main reasons for the decay of Arab scholarship. – Source

30. Edwin Hubble, the astronomer that the Hubble Telescope is named after, grew up as a middle-class mid-westerner in Illinois. After he won a Rhodes Scholarship and studied at Oxford, he became a faux-English dandy by adopting a British accent and manners for the rest of his life. – Source

31-35 Scholarship Facts

31. Only about 13% of college scholarship money comes from outside contests/giveaways. Colleges give out 3x as much money directly to students. – Source

32. The late Cliff Burton’s dad donates royalty checks to a scholarship fund. – Source

33. There is a scholarship offered solely to Jewish orphans who want to pursue a degree in aeronautical engineering. – Source

34. Starfleet (the international Star Trek fan association) offers college scholarships. – Source

35. George Washington University has a tradition of surprising high school students in a person who won scholarships to study there. – Source

36-40 Scholarship Facts

36. There’s a game show for expectant parents, while they are in labor, with a chance to win a college scholarship for their newborn child. – Source

37. Grateful airline passengers stranded in Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11 started a scholarship fund for local students that now total around $1.5 million. – Source

38. There is a Heath Ledger Scholarship. It’s open to any emerging Australian actor to help them further their career in the US. Applicants must be actors who are in their early career stage, over 18 years old and Australian citizens or permanent residents. – Source

39. A high school QB got his scholarship to his dream college taken away because of a tweet. – Source

40. There is a United States Senate Youth Program that awards selected students with a $5,000 scholarship that can be applied to any US college, as well as an all-expenses-paid week-long trip to Washington, D.C. – Source

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