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40 Interesting Facts About Stress

26-30 Stress Facts

fish in tank

26. Watching fish in a tank lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and counters the adverse physiological effects of stress. – Source

27. People who complain generally live longer, because it’s a way to relieve stress. – Source

28. Cats under stress may develop an OCD-like habit of excessive grooming to the point they start to bald. Some even hide the habit from their owners. – Source

29. The US Supreme Court case Baker v. Carr (which enabled federal courts to intervene in redistricting cases) was so contentious that one of the justices chose to retire for stress-related health reasons without giving an opinion. – Source

30. The “Playing dead” defense is actually an involuntary response for an opossum. Stress causes the opossum to go into shock inducing a comatose state lasting anywhere from 40 minutes to 4 hours. Opossums produce a mucus in this state which smells of decay and often are mistakenly buried alive. – Source

31-35 Stress Facts


31. Durian, a fruit that smells like natural gas, is an instant energizer.Because of their high carbohydrate content, durians can help replenish low energy levels quickly. The fruit’s high potassium content can also help reduce fatigue and relieve mental stress. – Source

32. In 2014 Biologists in Australia discovered a new marsupial species, named Kamikaze Coitus, which has such long and extreme mating sessions that males frequently die from stress as a result. – Source

33. Stress negatively affects your health only if you believe that stress negatively affects your health. A 2011 study of 29,000 people showed high stress causes a 43% increased risk of dying, but only for people who believed that stress was harmful. – Source

34. The top three risk factors for teenage substance abuse are too much stress, too much spending money, and too much boredom – [12:25] – Source

35. In 2004, when 3 Japanese hostages kidnapped by Iraqi militant groups were released, they didn’t receive warm embrace in Japan, but criticism and hate messages for that they were selfish. The hostages experienced a higher stress level in Japan than they had been while kidnapped in Iraq. – Source

36-40 Stress Facts

work from home

36. Working from home benefits employers as well as employees. Studies have shown an increase in productivity and a better work-life balance with less stress from employees who work from home. – Source

37. Complex post-traumatic stress disorder is a form of PTSD resulting from long-term persistent abuse from which they feel they have no escape. – Source

38. Bad acoustics in school classrooms may cause learning problems for students, as well as higher rates of sore throats and stress for teachers. – Source

39. Regular midday siestas have been shown to reduce coronary mortality by 37%, especially for men. Most likely due to reduced stress. – Source

40. Stress undermines empathic abilities in men but increases them in women. Stressed males tend to become more self-centered and less able to distinguish their own emotions and intentions from those of other people. For women the exact opposite is true. – Source

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