Technology runs our world. We use computers for playing games, watching movies, sending letters, connecting with others, and more.

Over 56% of people need a computer for work. This makes a properly working system imperative.

Proper upkeep will save you money and a headache by keeping your computer working and up to speed. Read on to learn five computer care mistakes to avoid.

1. Plugging It Into a Wall Outlet

Many appliances plug directly into the power outlets on the wall. People will do this without giving it a second thought.

But, you should never plug your computer directly into the power source. When lightning hits the transformer, it can create a power surge. 

This will damage your computer’s hardware. Instead, plug your PC into a powerstrip that will absorb the energy and protect your operating system.

2. Skipping Updates

When you buy a computer, it will not stay exactly the same. You add files, webpages you visit insert cookies, and software & operating systems require updates.

When an update comes out, you will generally see a little popup. Since you look at your computer mostly when you need it, this will happen a lot while you are in the middle of something.

Skip the temptation to opt for a later reminder, unless you absolutely need to use that feature at the moment. Updates protect your computer with new security fixes. Set important plugins, like Java, to update automatically for convenience.

3. Lacking Ventilation

When you buy the best computer for music production, you may find yourself recording for hours on end. Do not allow your computer to overheat in the process.

As energy passes through the CPU it converts from electricity to heat. Just like people heat up as they work, so do computers.

Heat eats up battery life, slows the computer, and damages its operating system. People often hide the tower away beneath the desk or inside a small space, and this traps the heat, not allowing the fans to work properly. Instead, store your pc in an open and properly ventilated space.

4. Letting Dust Accumulate

You may not even notice the dust accumulation on your computer tower since it is not a point of focus. But, make it a point to use computer cleaning tools regularly.

Dust can get into the vents and crevices of your computer. This can block airflow, preventing proper ventilation. It may also damage delicate mechanisms inside.

5. Forgetting File Backup

Do not put yourself into a position to lose important documents. If your computer gets damaged or your hard drive eventually fails, you may lose access to your files. Sometimes accidents happen where important data ends up deleted as well.

Back up your files on a USB stick. Then, back it up again on Cloud storage.

Avoid Common Computer Care Mistakes

Your computer connects you to the rest of the world, allows you to work efficiently, and stores important data that you need to save. Do not fall victim to avoidable computer care mistakes.

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Last Update: May 30, 2021