Do you have a family member or friend who has a birthday coming up? You’ll want to get that person a gift to celebrate. You might be wondering what gift you should buy.

The best gift to buy is a gag gift. Funny gag gifts make for the perfect thing to give to someone. It makes perfect sense as about 50% of Americans say they think it’s fun to get a gift that’s a surprise.

Read on to learn about five perfect gag gift ideas.

1. Crap Jokes Toilet Paper Roll

Let’s start the list of gag gift ideas by talking about the crap jokes toilet paper rolls. This is the type of gift that you can give a person who spends too much on the toilet.

The recipient will get a kick out of this gift. While taking care of business on the toilet, the person can also read jokes.

It isn’t a shitty gift as the jokes are very funny. No pun is intended with the last sentence.

2. Custom Photo Socks

One of the perfect gag gifts for men is custom photo socks. These are novelty socks that can have the face of the recipient on them. All you have to do is find the most unflattering picture of your buddy and make the order.

Imagine your friend’s face when he sees his face plastered all over the socks. This gag gift will surely knock your friend’s socks off. That’s good cause then he’ll have a new pair of socks to wear.

3. Belly Button Lint Brush

If your bestie has a good sense of humor, you can give that person a belly button lint brush. This is a real item that you can buy. It’s a gift you can give to the person who has everything.

If you don’t know how to deliver this gift, you can use the following lines. The average belly button has over 2,300 kinds of bacteria. You can now use this belly button lint brush to get rid of some of that bacteria.

4. Guzzle Buddy Wine Bottle Glass

There are adult gag gifts that are great for those who love adulting. For those who love to cook with wine, you can buy them a Guzzle Buddy wine bottle glass.

This gift comes in a variety of forms, but the idea is to attach it to one’s favorite bottle of wine. It doesn’t matter if they’re a glass-half-empty person or a glass-half-full person, they’ll love this gift.

5. A Fake High School Diploma

Let’s say you have a coworker who’s about to retire. What can you give that person? Give that person a fake high school diploma.

A phony high school diploma makes for the perfect going-away present. You can tell your coworker that the diploma will come in handy for that retiree job as competition is tough.

Want to buy a phony high school diploma? Check out to buy a high-quality high school diploma that looks like the real deal.

These Are Five of the Best Gag Gift Ideas to Choose From

Funny gag gifts are the way to go. These are five great gag gift ideas that even the person with the driest sense of humor will love. Happy gifting!

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Last Update: March 24, 2023