5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 101

September 27, 2017
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  1. Valannin says:

    “If you’re planning a surprise trip for someone, the destination should be the surprise, not the trip.”

    How would you work that, exactly?

    “Hey, Bill, go pack a bag with some clothes and toiletries.”

    “Why, are we going somewhere?”

    “I can’t tell you. Bring enough gear for every possible eventuality, though. Ski parka, snorkel, sunglasses, hunting vest, tuxedo and a sombrero.”

    1. Sabbath says:

      There’s a huge difference between telling someone to keep a weekend free because they are going on a trip, and making them pack for every eventuality.

    2. mijk says:

      The sombrero is what really did it for me.

    3. Odoyle Rules says:

      Quit being difficult you jackass. You can divulge the weather without ruining the surprise.

      “Hey, Bill, I’m taking you on a surprise trip. Bring summer attire because its going to be warm.”

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