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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 103

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. To all young teenagers looking for their first job, do not have your parents speak or apply for you.

There’s a certain respect seeing a kid get a job for themselves.

2. Don’t ask a veteran if they ever killed someone.

It is both the first and worst thing a veteran gets asked about.

3. Use the FORD method when you don’t know what to say in conversation.

F – Family (Their S/O, kids, siblings, pets, family traditions)

O – Occupation (What do they do? How did they get into it? Where did they go to school?)

R – Recreation (What do they like to do?)

D – Dreams (Ask about their goals, dreams, and aspirations)

4. Because of its high conductivity, placing meat or chicken on an aluminum pan or griddle will allow it to thaw much quicker than just placing it on a regular plate or counter.

5. If you were in an accident and had a car seat in the vehicle, you can take it to your local fire department and have them inspect it for free.

If it’s unsafe, they can give you a slip for your insurance company to replace it.


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