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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 116

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Save your resume as a PDF before sending it out.

This guarantees the layout, structure, typography to be 100% consistent for all viewers, and no one will have issues opening it.

2. Most juices/drinks that advertise 50% less sugar are simply watered down.

You can save money by watering down the normal product.

3. If your job involves a lot of talking on the phone, take the time to learn the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.

If you need to spell something out, you’ll always have a way to clarify which letter you’ve said without having to think about it and it sounds more professional than “B as in boy, L as in…uhhh…Larry”, etc.


4. When baking cookies, take them out when just the sides look almost done, not the middle. They’ll finish baking on the pan and you’ll have soft, delicious cookies.

A lot of times baking instructions give you a bake time that leaves them in until the cookies are completely done baking. People then let the cookies rest after and they often get over-baked and end up crunchy, crumbly, or burnt.

So unless you like gross hard cookies, take your cookies out of the oven while the center is still gooey.

5. This whole week in New York is a “code blue” weather emergency.

This means that if you see a homeless person on the street seeking shelter, you can call 311, give a description of the person and the location, and an outreach team will be dispatched to assist.

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