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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 120

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When an app asks you if you want to leave a review on the apps’ store, instead of tapping no, choose yes, wait for it to send you to the review page, then close it: it will think you left a review and won’t bother you anymore.

2. If you realize your fridge is getting empty, take 30 minutes to clean the inside before you go grocery shopping again.

3. Use a shaker bottle to mix pancake batter. You’ll have fewer dishes to clean after, and pouring them into a pan is easier!

4. Most employees in any business are way more likely to help customers that are pleasant than the customers threatening to leave.

5. If “word” crashes or shuts down and your document didn’t save, search “.asd” in the file Explorer under “This/My PC”. It will be there.


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  • #3 is a terrible idea! Pancake batter is leavened with baking powder which starts to produce carbon-dioxide the instant it gets wet. If you don’t mix your batter and open your shaker bottle fast enough it will pop open while you are shaking and you will have batter all over your kitchen. This is especially true with models like the Tupperware shaker where the lid is pressed on and not screwed on. Trust me… #letsgooutforbreakfast


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