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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 124

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When resigning from a company, don’t tell a single person until your management has acknowledged and accepted it.

In many ways, it can open a door to conversation. It’s not always about money. Maybe it’s an opportunity in another department, maybe it’s a change in responsibility and yes, sometimes it’s a pay change.

However, the moment you go running to your coworkers proudly telling them you’ve just given your notice, that opportunity is gone. Management generally doesn’t need the appearance of weakness and counter-offers are precisely that. If half the company knows and you ended up staying with the company, everyone knows what happened and it fosters bad behavior.

Also, accepting a counter-offer is not the end of the world as many would have you believe. It’s entirely situational and sometimes you have to play the game.

2. Before going to shop for a piece of furniture, snap a couple pictures of the room you’re shopping for, it makes it much easier to match shapes and colors later when you’re at the store.

3.  When cleaning your windows clean the inside vertically and outside horizontally. That way if there are streaks you know which side of the glass they’re on.

4. If you receive a call from a business that asks for any sort of information from you because of an “issue with your account” or similar, hang up and call the business back with the number from their website.

Even if the number calling appears to come from the business, do not trust it because it is fairly easy to spoof caller ID. If you get a call from a business needing any identifying information from you (anything more than just your first name) explain to them that to be safe you will hang up and call the business back (you can ask for a case number or their extension for when you call back). If they insist on resolving the issue now, that should throw up major red flags that they are trying to do a phishing scam.

5. Having trouble getting started on errands/projects/chores on your day off? Do the same routine you would to get ready for work. A shower, changing out of comfy house wear, etc will get you in the mindset of accomplishing tasks.

This is also true of doing freelance jobs or any other work-from-home stuff.

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