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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 129

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you like one song by an artist, but don’t dig the rest of their stuff. Find out who the producer is and see what other work they’ve done. The producer can play a big role in how the final song turns out.

2. If it’s the same price, buy the hard copy rather than the online streamed version. You can lose access to what you’ve purchased if the streaming service decide to change their terms and conditions.

3. When you spill wine on fabric (clothing, carpet, couch). Dab it carefully with a paper towel to absorb most of the liquid, then pour salt over the remaining stain. The next day, the salt will have absorbed most the wine and you just vacuum it up.

4. If you genuinely want to know more about another person, ask them what they are passionate about instead, of what they do. Often times you’ll get a genuine answer and you get the added bonus of seeing them light up with energy as they describe something they actually care about.

5. If you ever want to tackle music theory, learn all the concepts on piano and afterward apply them to your instrument of choice (Especially recommended for guitar players).

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  • Just curious, but your e-publications (KAF) “disappeared” for a month (or more). Server problem? Health okay? Look forward to your “factoids” – so keep ’em coming! JC


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