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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 130

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you want to divide something among two people (usually kids), you get one person to divide, and the other person gets first to pick on which piece they want. Everyone wins and it ensures the person who divides is fair.

2. After a family member gets married, keep the list of things that they registered for but didn’t get and use it for birthday and Christmas presents. It will save you time wondering what they want especially if they’re difficult to shop for.

3. Be careful while using Frixion ball pens (the ones that erase), the ink is engineered to erase at 60 degrees Celcius so your text can be erased merely by placing the paper on top of a radiator or using it as a coaster for a hot drink.

4. If you, or someone else, is new to shooting, only put one bullet in the gun. This is especially true for handguns.

5. When potty training your dog, hang a bell from the door and ring it right before you take it outside. This will make the dog associate the bell with potty breaks so it will start ringing the bell when it needs to go, alerting you to let it out.

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