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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 150

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When adopting or purchasing an animal, ask yourself “Will this animal be with me, regardless of my financial, employment, housing or relationship changes?” If the answer is “No”, you are not a suitable owner.

Having a pet is a commitment and sometimes commitments are hard to make. Asking yourself this question prior to adopting or purchasing an animal will prevent you from making a big mistake, while hopefully leaving that animal for a better-suited owner.

2. After a breakup/divorce, if you ever used your ex-partner’s phone, tablet or another device, change your passwords. All of them. Your ex’s device may still have your stored passwords.

3. If you are asked to create an account in order to continue browsing a website, hit F12 and click on the dim area, this would select it and you can delete it with DEL key, hit F12 and resume browsing.

4. If you challenge your boss’s authority in important things, do not challenge them for the small stuff, no matter how dumb.

5. When purchasing a new vehicle at a dealership, request that they remove any of their names/logos/emblems from it. Its the cheapest, least invasive form of free advertisement that often gets overlooked by the owners.

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