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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 155

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Never shake spices over a hot pan. The steam will enter the bottle causing the spice to go hard.

2. If you are quitting a vice (smoking, drinking, etc.) treat yourself with the money you are saving. It makes quitting easier.

3. Take a selfie when you have a good-hair-day. Show it to your hairdresser next time. They’ll know what you want, and it’s a realistic, achievable style.

4. During camping or power outage, turn the focused light of a flashlight into the widespread ambient light of a lantern by simply shining it into a water bottle.

5. Making a detailed list of everything you own can be tedious. Instead, make a video. Move through your home slowly and capture things clearly. Then upload it to YouTube with a private link. If your home is ever burned down/robbed, you have proof for the insurance company of what you owned.

Insurance can’t accuse any sort of fraud if you have video evidence of what you owned. Your payout will come quick and you can move on with your life. Try to capture Barcode, model numbers, brands, etc. Open every drawer. Get the name of every book. Insurance isn’t free, so don’t let the insurance company short-change you and your payout.

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