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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 161

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. Children’s Hospitals do not need donations of stuffed animals. Try hard plastic toys featuring popular characters, craft supplies, board games, and coloring books.

2. Be mindful of poorer friends when suggesting splitting the bill equally in a restaurant. Some people will choose cheaper options because they’re on a budget.

3. When you are trying to resolve an issue where someone else made an error, put the focus on the error and not the person.

Example of this: Instead of saying, “You didn’t send the attachment,” I say, “The attachment didn’t come through, please try sending it again.”

4. Shop the international aisle in the grocery store (or an ethnic foods store) when buying universal items, such as spices, rice, beans, lentils, etc… The same product will be 75-90% cheaper when buying international/foreign brands as compared to the western/national brands.

5. If you want to move up in a company/increase your workload, don’t just ask your manager for something more to do. Find a problem, then make yourself the solution. It shows initiative and is a lot better than just walking up and saying “I’d like more to do.”

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  • No. 5 – Some people find it difficult identifying problems to solve, or might not know that the boss/manager would prefer it not be remedied yet because of logistics or insufficient resources, or wants it completed in a certain way that the worker might not have known about. Better to learn what the parameters are than risk upsetting the organisation’s chain of command, disturbing the company’s resources and supplies, and potentially getting in liability with other groups or organisations.


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