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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 162

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When making nachos, put a tortilla underneath your chips to turn leftover toppings into a taco.

2. Spraying some Pam onto your snow shovel will make the snow slide right off when you shovel.

3. If someone you care about is in need, say “Tell me what you need.” Not “Let me know if you need anything”. Being direct makes it easier for them to ask, instead of just being a generic and pretty meaningless gesture.

4. Ever get corrected on calling someone by the wrong name? Respond with, “What did I say?” It implies that you truly knew the person’s name but your mouth said something different, which can help you feel less embarrassed.

5. Buy yourself a good pillow. You use it every night and the difference between a good pillow and a stack of cheap ones is almost immediately noticeable.

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  • Re: the pillows…..I’d rather buy several at 5 or 10 bucks each than spend 95 bucks on the ones the advertise on TV.


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