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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 164

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When hosting a dinner party for people you’re not familiar with, leave a simple task until they have arrived, like mixing salad ingredients, or slicing bread. Invariably your guests will ask if they can help, and you can point them to these tasks as a useful icebreaker.

2. If you’re canceling your internet/cable and wish to avoid the elongated attempts to keep you, just tell them you’re changing jobs and that your new employer will be paying for all services. They should skip right along to the cancellation!

3. Open chip bags upside down. They’ve been sitting upright most of their lives which makes the seasoning settle to the bottom of the bag.

4. When asked online to confirm “I am not a robot”, if you long press on the tick box and release, you will not be asked to complete the “click all storefront” etc tests.

5. Take the time to reflect on your time at the company you may currently work for. Are you still growing professionally and personally? Are your skills still developing? Sometimes it’s wise to move on from a company if you’re development is stagnant.

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  • #5 – I’m not going to take career advice from anyone who doesn’t know the correct use or “you’re” and “your.”


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