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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 176

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you are keeping a family memento or heirloom keep a card or note with the item that explains the significance or backstory. It will help your descendants differentiate between items you valued vs. those you just pack-ratted.

2. If someone is constantly saying things that hurt your feelings, expressly say “that hurts my feelings.”

3. Follow Leash Laws. Just because your dog is friendly doesn’t mean other dogs are.

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4. When adding work contacts into your personal phone put their name in CAPITAL LETTERS so you are less likely to send a message or call them on accident.

5. When speaking, use silence instead of saying “umm” or “er”. You will come off much smarter, especially if it’s a regular habit.

Watch various interviews with different people, and count the times they use audible pauses like “umm”. Using silence to gather your thoughts makes you come off as more collected.

Alternatively, you can restate the question as you gather your response. — “How did you come up with X as a solution to Y?” “I used X as a response to Y because it made me think of Z, which led to the realization…”

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  • 1 Put heirlooms in a living will.
    2 If someone constantly says hurtful things, they won’t care if you tell them.
    3 Or follow it because it’s a damn law.
    4 Add work before their name and it will be near the bottom of your contacts and less likely to be scrolled to. Capitals don’t do anything.
    5 It won’t make you come off as smarter, the rest of your sentence will. Also, remaining silent instead of acknowledging someone with an answer, or noise, may come off as rude.


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