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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 178

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. When handling firearms, always assume there is a bullet in the chamber. Even if the gun leaves your sight for a second, next time you pick it up just assume a bullet magically got into the chamber.

2. One way to help keep hanging out with friends as you get older is to pick a regularly occurring thing you do together. Ex: every week watch Game of Thrones together, or a sports team (football is best since it’s once a week). Sounds silly when you’re young, but keep this in mind in your 30s.

3. If you’re not sure whether someone is waving at you or someone behind you, just smile at them.

4. If you lose something small on a carpeted floor, place a pantyhose in a vacuum wand and attach with rubber bands. Vacuum your floor with the wand and your lost item will get trapped in the pantyhose for easy retrieval.

5. If you’re running late for something, don’t rush to get there. The difference between being 20 minutes and 25 minutes late is not going to make a difference where you’re going, but taking 5 extra minutes to make sure you have everything you need and get there safely can literally save your life.

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