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5 Life Pro Tips of the Week – Part 186

Here are this week’s Life Pro Tips.

1. If you need somewhere to work/relax with friendly staff, nice AC, plenty of seating, free WiFi, and available all across the US, you’re in luck! There are more public libraries in the US than there are Starbucks or McDonalds! And you’re under no obligation to buy anything to sit there.

16,568 – Public Libraries in the US. There are over 116,000 if you include academic, school, military, government, corporate, etc

14,606 – Starbucks stores in the U.S. in 2018

13,905 – McDonald’s restaurants in the United States in 2018

2. If you need to wait until your boss is in a good mood to ask for something as simple as time off, you’re in a toxic work environment and you need to take steps to exit sooner than later.

3. If you have a friend who has their own business. Don’t expect mates rates or discounts. Instead always be prepared to pay the full amount, a pay full price if they offer a discount. It is their livelihood and they may feel pressured to do you a deal that will actually leave them out of pocket.

4. You can see if your ice cream carton has been tampered with by how easily the lid comes off. The cartons are “hardened” in freezers upside-down, so the ice cream sticks to the lid. You should have to tug the lid off the first time. If it comes off too easily, that’s evidence of tampering.

Some brands come with tamper-evident packaging, either a cellophane ring around the lid or a film under the lid. But many do not, that natural seal formed by the ice cream hardening against the lid is what they rely on.

5. When cutting garlic, oil up your blade, so the garlic won‘t stick to it.

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